Creating individuals who become the best version of themselves for the benefit of the business.


Workshops are environments for group coaching, at RLC we don't call ourselves trainers, as a trainer is a telling style and we don't believe in that approach.

We do several things in our workshops that we know impacts the people involved:

  • Never assume
  • Never take on feedback from an individual
  • Allow each delegate to be themselves
  • Complete full R&D of what the outcomes are and we challenge them if necessary 

The power of this is critical to the results, many that deliver workshops for development, upskilling, application, living it afterwards the main fall down of many "courses."

We offer many core products "off the shelf", ready to go and also a full white label bespoke process as this is more productive and impactful for real, measurable results. 

What else our workshops offer:

Measured results
Full ROI
Post-workshop online support supporting sustainability
 Business growth
Instant actions
Individual growth



Workshops are intensive events and delivered off-site, the rationale is we distract from the everyday actions, and it creates positive agitation where you maximise learning, coaching, trust, personal input and an improved outcome.