Dedicated coaches with a proven record of success.


The Team

We are proud to carry and hold our own as a small business in our size of the team, our focus is global, and we deliver through amazing partnerships and additional outsourced services that we openly share with all our clients.

Dave Evans Founder, Coach RLC Global

Has a unique and fantastic delivery style and his personality and extensive knowledge deliver results. He has created all the RLC products, and with over 20 years experience is all about sharing it- living the RLC mission of inclusivity.

Debbie Halls-Evans COO, Coach RLC Global

 Who's extensive experiences with TV- Chef- Business Owner- Corporate roles over 25 years, has used her ability to connect and energise through her candid and open approach. Her creativity has impacted the business growth positively.

Kevin Turnbull CEO & Coach  RLC Los Angeles

With his extensive experience over 20 years +, of managing startups to working on the board for many sizeable successful firms across many industries, Kevin's focus is in LA and delivering the RLC brand, services and products.



We outsource as we live our philosophy that we are here to support other businesses as an inclusive mission.


Sean Manning  CEO & Founder
Payroll Vault LLC

Steve Taylor RLC CFO
CEO Ashfield Ventures Ltd


Helen Fearon RLC Global Exec PA and Admin
CEO RMC Solutions

Glen McCoy RLC Creative  

CEO Glen McCoy Ltd.