Here at RLC ,as we like to call ourselves, we are informative, relaxed, transformative, challenging, candid, open, and most of all proud of our business and all the people we work with and partner with.


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RLC Global, a Business Consult that truly works! Sure, it's easy to for us to make that claim. We know there have been many other business coaching franchises, programs and offerings and there will be more in the future. So, what makes RLC Consult™ different and special?

What do you get in this Best Version Membership?

CONFIDENCE AND ASSURANCE as our program is based on high quality content developed and used for multiple decades. We've tested it and refined it, so we know it workS . Material and curriculum created by with proven track records

RLC Products

  • 3 Day Workshop

  • Best Version Business Framework

  • RLC Coaching Wheel

  • Innovative CoachPad™ software

All our products give you the skill and competency to deliver amazing experiences for your clients through clear step by step support


  • RLC Sales Wheel

  • Consult Campus - online resource 24/7

  • RLC Community FB and Campus

  • LIVE group Coaching Calls every 2 weeks

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I have never experienced anything like this before, not only has it transformed my business and me and how I work.
I now will do that for my clients.
— RLC Consult MA
Awesome, just awesome. So much content that is useable, I have already done a talk and sold my first Framework whilst on the 3-day workshop. Just amazing.
— RLC Consult BC
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Our latest white papers, we have focussed the past 2 years on gaining research, around our clients and our own key issues.


Who are we and what do we do? Thanks for asking …..



At RLC we want to be able to not only support as a resource but also provide long-term resources to our clients. We have innovative software that helps all our coaching, workshops and products including blended learning options, webinars, eBooks and more.

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Tools and techniques are essential to ensure you can refer back to after your coaching program, your workshop, and your RLC product and service. We provide our accredited programs and add layer after layer of relevant, useable, applicable techniques.

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We love to ask questions, as coaches we like to present that we don't have all the answers although we have all the questions. Our blogs invite you to ask questions that prompt you to look deeper into you, your business, your people, purpose.

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We are proud of our research and the team support that we not only share our ideas, insights, tools, techniques we have the back up of validated research, white papers and having the support to deliver your own needs be it personal or professional.

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Positively disrupting leadership for real growth.

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We like to create impact and this means we are very focussed on ROI, its not a word that is used lightly in our business, we truly believe that all investment can have a tangible bottom line impact and any people investment has the BEST return.

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We can easily blame others and not accept responsibility for our actions through our language, behaviours, cultures, people support and management.

RLC has a clear view of how as a leader you can make a difference.