“A skilled mind silences interference.”
— Dave Evans


RLC delivers coaching, as I am sure you know so do many businesses. The coaching industry is one of the fasting growing market globally, from life coaching to personal development, executive. This growth also means that coaching is being delivered as "telling" you how to do, what to say, you should, you must, you will context, and this is the paradigm of coaching.


A coach combines elite coaching with being a critical confidant
— Dave Evans

Coaching is full of questions, seeking, exploration, self-analysis, self-critique, supportive, candid, challenging, reflective, direct. 

It's not about wanting to hear what you want to hear; it's also not telling your coach what you think they want to hear either. 

Our coaching is transformative and personal whether you chose to undertake professional coaching or personal coaching. Both are different in the context that as different approaches are applied.

Get in touch if you want to know more and we are always happy to let you talk to our clients rather than hear it from us.