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A Newly Discovered Type of Leadership? Really? Highly unlikely.

After thousands of years of human leadership, we are really, only left with the good variety, the mediocre type or the best of the best.

Real Leadership is not about pointing the finger and saying one thing is better than another. It’s been conceived and written by a business coach who has encouraged, inspired and supported leaders and managers across business organisations all over the world with some of the best loved and most publicised major brands.

The work is based on experience as well as research and offers a clear choice to new and existing leaders whether in business, sport, education or a community. The choice being real leadership or simply bland leader*!%. His approach is unashamedly real, avoiding unnecessary business jargon, no clichés, with relevant insights that will work straight away. The book is to challenge, question, discuss and also give real research and insights on the why, what, how and what if you did it a different way? It can be read cover to cover, it can be used as a workhorse book referring back to it time and time again, its made to wrote in, note take, use and apply.

This book should be in every business curriculum to make the debate about challenging leadership and business paradigms in the 21st century.

Dave Evans style and personality come through in his tone and how he gives realistic, relevant examples of why we do what we do, what we can do to improve, simple application technique you can use in all you learning, interactions, meetings etc, what if you did this , test and push yourself . Dave's experience as CEO and Founder of Real Leadership Coaching and has over fifteen years of experience in leadership as a new starter, a middle manager and board director. He also sits on the boards of several large companies offering both development and leadership consulting globally